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Camel racing

Camel racing – Kuwait attraction

Camel racing is a popular sport practiced in regions in the Middle East especially in Kuwait, and in Africa and Australia. In this sport, camels are racing at speeds of up to 64 km / h on dedicated racing tracks. The sport is very similar to horse racing. The camels are led by young riders, whose weight usually does not exceed 45 kilograms and now they even use robots to ride the camels. Child rights agreements prohibit the exploitation of ...

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Political reforms

Political reforms in Kuwait

Kuwait elected its Constituent Assembly to draft the country's first constitution in 1962 after they gained their independence in 1961 from Britain. After independence, Kuwait became first Arab Gulf state to adopt a constitution in 1962 and the first in the region to establish an elected parliament in 1963. Kuwaiti government usually tends towards the ruler, and the Emir has the last say in any political matter. Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, who became The Emir in 2006, is the fifteenth ruler ...

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